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Cultivating a Thriving Community in Sequim.
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Who I am:


I have a unique experience that has provided me with

the ability to relate to people from all walks of life.

Growing up in Bremerton, WA, my multicultural

home showed me that it is so important to listen

and reflect before acting. I look forward to

developing my skills and widening my experience

if I am elected to serve the people in Position 6 on

Sequim City Council.


I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University in 2008, with a Bachelor of Arts, where I was involved in the Vocal Music Program, Student Government, and the College of Liberal Studies in the departments of both Economics and Hispanic & Latino Studies. Since 2008 my work experience has included: Software Customer Support; Retail Credit Services/Collections and Banking; Bicycle Safety Education; Bicycle Retail Sales and Inventory; Early Childhood Education; Retail Food Service; Memory-Care Caregiver; and Civil Rights Researcher. 


Since 2021 I have loved working 3 part time jobs that tap into my many talents, feed my soul, and make a difference in the lives of those that I serve. Those jobs are: Self-Employed Horticultural Service Provider; Program Assistant for a volunteer community educator organization; and Music Director/Hybrid Technology Consultant for the Olympic Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.


I am also the mom of two amazing kids. My partner and I are grateful to be on the path of life together, sharing the joys and challenges of co-parenting. While I believe the future of our planet will be challenging, I maintain hope and look forward to collaborating with you to create a resilient community. I moved to Sequim in 2019 with my family and can see that while the weather is a little sunnier than what I was used to in Kitsap County, the people here are just as friendly, and the mountains are just as majestic.

How has your experience prepared you for this position?


Over the course of my 15-year career I have participated in a wide range of jobs from the private sector, non-profit and education. A consistent thread through all of this work has been the importance of building consensus, working with diverse audiences, and creating positive change. I care deeply about working with organizations within our society that increase accessibility to information and resources to strengthen our communities. I have come to realize that it is important to show up, hold myself accountable, and strive for excellence every day. I grew up in Kitsap County and fondly remember my experiences on the Olympic Peninsula. This beautiful part of Planet Earth has been stewarded by the Jamestown S’Klallam since time immemorial and I am inspired by their legacy. I want to continue the work of the Sustainable Sequim Initiatives. Because of my concern for the future of our planet, my campaign materials are Eco-conscious: My yard signs and cards are biodegradable.


Why did you decide to run for this position?


During the 2021 election, I volunteered with the Sequim Good Governance League (SGGL) because I believe in showing up to support our democracy. Civic engagement is essential to meet that goal. In March 2023, the SGGL asked me to join their slate of endorsed candidates. Due to my prior involvement, they knew who I was.  I am honored that they have trusted me to answer their call and take the next step on this path of public service. As stated on their website “Good governance thrives on honesty, integrity, openness, inclusiveness, accountability, using facts, reason, and ethical behaviors to develop non-partisan solutions that serve and protect the residents of Sequim.” After consulting with my family and with their full support, I embarked on this challenging process. I have been impressed with and humbled by the support of the community. I have been endorsed by: SGGL, Sierra Club, Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe, Clallam County and 24th Legislative Dist. Democrats, and Indivisible Sequim.


What is your record of public service?


From a young age I have been involved with service organizations that work to improve the lives of others and give back to the community. I started in my early years in youth enrichment organizations such as scouting and Key Club International. I was elected by my peers to serve as the President of my Residence Hall Council while I was at Pacific Lutheran University. I have worked for a Washington non-profit as a Civil Rights Researcher to improve equitable access to basic services for all Washingtonians. While considering a masters degree in education, I volunteered with elementary schools. I have volunteered with the Puget Creek Restoration Project and In 2021 I joined the Extension Master Gardeners. As a result of this experience, I feel strongly that giving one’s time to build up those around you is essential.


What methods will you use to work with the mayor (if you have an elected mayor) or the city manager or administrator (if you have a chief administrator hired by the council)?

Throughout my career I have witnessed the importance of establishing, following, and implementing proper policies and procedures. Working with the Council, the City Manager and City Staff will be no different. While actively listening to others, I will seek to respectfully share my priorities and thoughts, working to build consensus and compromise. I will seek to more fully understand how the Council functions and will use this framework to serve the will of the people.. Serving on the council in local government is one of the highest forms of service. It requires the individual in that role to approach decision making in a way that recognizes our interdependence in the community. Decisions must take into account all of the stakeholders and ensure that the needs of everyone in the community are protected. We must be responsible stewards of local taxpayer funds and be persistent when looking for grants and other funding sources to meet our needs.

How would you describe your vision for your city?

I envision a resilient community with a prosperous economy and a place for everybody. In the last 18 months, the City Council has changed the zoning to allow for multifamily housing projects. They have also agreed to waive 50% of the park impact fees for affordable housing. Recently the City Council and City Staff have partnered with Habitat for Humanity to apply for a CHIP grant for the Brownfield Road project. More essential workers, robust businesses, and better schools all need places for working folks to call home. In these challenging times of climate change, I envision a city that prides itself on being a leader in environmental stewardship. Let’s explore rebates for city residents when they choose xeriscaping over lawns. Federal funding exists to make our city’s landscape more water-wise. During the 2025 Master Plan Revision, we will have an opportunity to modify the city’s vision with your input. I would be honored to represent you on the City Council and ask for your vote.

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