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Affordable Housing

It is becoming increasingly urgent that all members of the community have access to housing they can afford. Solving this problem can involve
measures such as zoning changes, fee waivers, builder incentives, direct financial assistance, and/or self-help projects like the Habitat for Humanity Brownfield Road project. The City of Sequim can play a significant role in
helping to bring affordable housing to its citizens. Let’s be part of the solution here in Sequim. By moving forward on solutions to the housing
shortage, our community will have the space to support families and foster economic development in our city and region.


Sustainable Development

Climate change is real and is driving the need for sustainable development. Local government can play a role by advocating for policies that prioritize
environmental protection, reduce energy consumption, and safeguard our natural resources. Our community needs access to clean and reliable energy. Sequim already champions these initiatives with their Class A Water Reclamation Facility, LEED Gold Certification of the Sequim Civic Center and more. I draw inspiration from these projects and hope to build on their success. By taking these steps, City Councilors can help to ensure
that future generations will have the resources they need to thrive.


Equity and inclusion


It is important to me that all members of the community have equal access to services and opportunities, regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, or
socio-economic status. Local leaders should work to create an environment of respect and trust and ensure that all voices are heard. This can be done
through public engagement and other policies that will encourage an equitable and inclusive community here in Sequim.

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